Our Motto

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of technical excellence in our profession. We use nothing but the finest materials available, and never cut corners on quality or service.

The story of who we are

NORDIJA is a dental clinic established in 2005. It comprises Dr. Alexandra Cupeska, Lence Livrinska dental nurse and a team of 3 dental technicians. If necessary, practice serving and doctors from other specialties of dentistry.

We believe that every patient deserves to be treated honestly, fairly and with the utmost in personal integrity. We therefore practice to the highest ethical standard within our profession.

D-r Aleksandra Cupeska finished University of dentistry in 1999 in Skopje, R.Macedonia. She has been working as a dentist for 15 years. She can speak English fluently, and a little bit of a Norwegian. She is a member of a Dental Assotiation of a private dentists of Macedonia , Macedonian Dental Assotiation and member of International Woman association of Macedonia. She works with internationals who are temporary residents of Macedonia , diplomats, ambassadors, militarists , their families and other foreigners. She has worked with the militaries, of the biggest military Norwegian Camp that was situated close to Skopje, for what she got gratitude in 2005 from the Norwegian Camp Commander Egil Holstad.

Dental office Nordija is a member of a Dental Chamber of a Macedonia and it is a one of the dental clinics that are on a medical map of Macedonia.

Meet The Team