Ann Hansson, Detective inspector, Regional criminal investigation depart., Stockholm county police drugs unit, Stockholm, Sweden

Overtime my teeth became worn down, sensitive and made me look older than I really was. Dr. Alexandra suggested gum reshaping and porcelain veneers.

In my opinion, she is different than other dentists in that she begins with a consultation during which she will discuss the procedure with me in depth, as well as the associated benefits and risks.

After the treatment I always feel that I can come in if I have any questions, no matter how busy she is she will always make time for me and give me 100% of her attention. This is by far the best dental experience I have ever had and my teeth not only look better but now I don’t have any sensitivity which was a major problem for me as I regularly go skiing.

I can’t thank you enough.

Rene Schoenauer, Major in Swiss army ,Zurich,Swiss

I had intensive gum bleeding while brushing and some of my teeth were worn down. I had to look for a dentist in order to fix my oral health and one of my friends recommended Dr. Alexandra.

Dr.Alexandra together with an oral surgeon proposed surgical open curettage of all the dental pockets and bone regeneration procedure with artificial bone Bio oss, Geistlich. Afterwards a full arch metal ceramic bridge was planned to be fixed.

I agreed to have the planned intervention although the procedure took several visits and was hard to be achieved.

From today’s perspective I am more than content about my initial decision. Even 3 years after the operation my gums are not bleeding and my porcelain teeth are in excellent shape. I do regular check ups, twice a year I undergo ultrasonic scaling, and what is most important I have improved my oral hygiene by regular flossing.

I have gladly recommended her services to all my friends and family.

Once again thank you Dr.Alexandra for doing a fantastic job, it looks and feels fabulous.

Mandisa Baptise from Jerusalem,Isreal

During my stay in Macedonia, for a couple of years, my personal dentist was Dr.Alexandra Chupeska from the dental surgery Nordija.

With ‘state of the art’ dentistry equipment, warm and friendly surroundings, I overcame my fears once I entered her dental surgery.

What I like most about Dr. Alexandra is how she gives me confidence, she reassures me yet at the same time she is not distant. After a while, we became really close friends.

Now I live in Jerusalem, Israel with my family and I really miss Dr.Alexandra not only as a dentist, but as a friend too. I strongly recommend her.

Frode Mauring, special representative of the administrator at UNDP, East Jerusalem, Israel

There are no words that could ever express my deepest gratitude and heart-felt thanks for all that you did for me. I lived in Macedonia for a couple of years and during my stay there. I placed my trust in the dental office Nordija , run by the most caring and reliable Dr.Alexandra Chupeska. The ‘state of the art’ dentistry equipment accompanied by warm and friendly surroundings helped me overcome my fears and forget about the stress I was overwhelmed with at the beginning. She has done everything beyond the call of duty to make me feel at ease. What I like most about Dr.Alexandra is her marvelous ability to show great affection and eagerness to reassure me and help me gain confidence and self-control..

Now I live in Jerusalem, Israel with my family and I really miss Dr.Alexandra not only as a dentist, but as a friend too.

I strongly recommend her.

Chris Booty, Chief inspector in Devon & Cornwall police, Great Britain

I was completely amazed by the great professionalism which I received during each of my visits in the top-notch dental office Nordija.

A friend of mine recommended Dr.Alexandra as a dentist. I was a bit skeptic about visiting Macedonia. However, it turned out to be a pleasant experience.

I was missing several teeth and implant treatment procedure was planned. Ankylos implants, (a well-known German implant brand), were placed in my jaw. I’ve had them in my mouth for 3 years now and feel them as natural teeth. Besides, I have a life-time guarantee for my implants since the implant manufacturer reimburses you if failure occurs.

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