Guarantee list of the services

The guarantee of the dental services depends on many factors such as maintenance of the oral hygiene, general health condition, smoking, sudden development of the disease. The other factors that might affect the quality and guarantee are materials and equipment used in the dental treatment as well as the competence of the dentist.

If you have any problems that you believe are covered by guarantee, please contact our representative company in Sweden to arrange a visit at our clinic or call us directly.

Guarantee is excluded or abolished in case:
-The patient does not keep regular dental and gum hygiene;
-The patient does not act upon the recommendations by the doctor;
-The patient suddenly evolves disease that affects the general dental and oral conditions*;
-The patient undergoes treatment on the dental or laboratory work provided by the dentist of another dental office;
-The patient is a heavy smoker;
-The patient loses or gains a substantial amount of weight during a short period of time;

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3 years on crowns and bridges

5 years on Ankylos implants

2 years on veneers

3 years on dentures

1 year on fillings

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