• Rene Schoenauer from Zurich, Swiss

    I had intensive gum bleeding while brushing and some of my teeth were worn down. I had to look for a dentist in order to fix my oral health and one of my friends recommended Dr. Alexandra.

    Dr.Alexandra together with an oral surgeon proposed surgical open curettage of all the dental pockets and bone regeneration procedure with artificial bone Bio oss, Geistlich. Afterwards a full arch metal ceramic bridge was planned to be fixed.

    I agreed to have the planned intervention although the procedure took several visits and was hard to be achieved.

    From today’s perspective I am more than content about my initial decision. Even 3 years after the operation my gums are not bleeding and my porcelain teeth are in excellent shape. I do regular check ups, twice a year I undergo ultrasonic scaling, and what is most important I have improved my oral hygiene by regular flossing.

    I have gladly recommended her services to all my friends and family.

    Once again thank you Dr.Alexandra for doing a fantastic job, it looks and feels fabulous.

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